Phumlani’s  Published Works and Upcoming Books


Phumlani is currently working on his first book “Lessons from Past Heroes” – a book that delves into the lives of South Africa’s achievers of the pre-1994 era. Much has been written about South Africa’s pre-1994 era – but none of the people who have written on this subject lived most of their lives after apartheid. A fresh, millennial perspective on South Africa’s history, written by someone who has no recollection of apartheid, would do the people of South Africa a great service.

Politics and vested interests are distorting the history of South Africa. Most of the people who have written about South Africa’s history have tended to be left-wing leaning – only one narrative has been widely told to the public. More of a different perspective is needed.

The other purpose of this book, to be published in November this year, is to assess the current government policies, to determine the extent at which they contribute to South Africa’s socioeconomic progress. The book will also be a guide for South Africa’s future.